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We are excited that you are interested in our services! Whether it's for your wedding or just a regular makeup appointment, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. 

Please read everything below. (do not skip any parts)

  • Blush on the Blvd does not accept late appointments. 

  • All clients are expected to groom (wax, tweeze, thread) their eyebrows before the appointment.

  • Blush on the Blvd Makeup Studio has a nonrefundable and nontransferable policy. We do not give refunds and if you by any chance miss your appointment due to your own mishap, your deposit will not be transferred to another date. 

  • If a case of an emergency arises or something occurs beyond one of our staff members control (e.g extreme sickness, car accidents) and the Artist initially booked is unable to perform services, the next qualified artist will perform the job. If for some rare reason that is not possible then a full refund of the total you have paid will be paid back to you for those service(s) that we weren’t able to fulfill.

  • All photos taken by any artists from Blush on the Blvd or the photographer on the day of the wedding may be used for promotional use (e.g social media, portfolio, website). You can however request to your assigned artists that no photos be taken if you do not want your photo used.

  • By booking the service and sending a deposit you acknowledge that you have read and hereby agree to accept the above terms and conditions set out in this booking policy outlined by Blush on the Blvd.

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